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Hunting: a great lesson in mountaineering

Game in mountain territories has always been a gift from nature. Since ancient times it has meant nourishment to be added to the scanty produce of the soil. In fact many of our ancestors were hunters; the more able was the hunter, the better it would be for his family, both foodwise and economically.

Hunting is a great family tradition: the knowledge of the location of the animal trails is secretly handed down from father to son. The hunter is first of all a mountaineer: his feet know where to safely hike in the mountain and he knows how to read the signs in the sky to forecast the weather evolution. In Aosta Valley hunting has never been never free; the local nobles collected hunting taxes and many authorizations were required in compliance with all the bans and regulations.

Game preserves were created in 1800 in order to protect the wildlife and enhance a more respectful approach to the environment, as well as creating work for the valley people as park guards.