fam. lanier

The History

Luigi and Maurizio, together with their mother Maria, are heirs to a family business who has always owned the main building of this recently renovated hotel.

Their grandfather Luigi, like all other hoteliers, used to open the hotel only in summer, in order to profit from the few guests moving in for the whole season, while in winter he used the restaurant room to season the mocette (dried chamois meat), fruit of his summer hunts.

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Their father Lino, a skilled carpenter, created many precious artefacts for the hotel and, together with his wife, was able to ensure steady work for his two sons, in the wake of the family tradition: today Luigi runs the hotel while Maurizio deals with the restaurant, not only for the staying guests but also for the tourists passing by. Both brothers run the hotel since 1984; they have built a new section and won international awards as well as the three stars.